3 Major Reasons Why You Need an Executive Office

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An executive office usually refers to an office inside a suite, rather than a suite itself. The office may include access to a shared conference room and kitchen and other such areas. Depending on the lease offered, it may also include a receptionist to answer phones and greet visitors and even signage at the front of the building. Rather than renting a full office suite or building for yourself, you might consider why it's better to choose an executive office no matter your career or industry.

1. Less paperwork and hassle

Renting an office space typically means hiring a cleaning company and paying all the utilities on your own. You may also need to provide a coffee service and arrange for landscaping and snow removal.

When you choose an executive office, in most cases, these things are provided in the lease. There may be a separate electric bill but typically this is included in your lease. You only pay the rent for the small office and don't need to worry about finding a cleaning company or snow removal company, setting up a coffee area for visitors, hiring a receptionist, and so on. There is less paperwork with fewer bills to pay and less hassle in caring for all these details just to have an office space.

2. You can afford to rent in certain areas

Certain areas of your city may be a more desirable choice for you; they may be more accessible to freeways or the airport, or may be in the heart of certain districts that are popular for your industry. However, the more desirable the location, the more expensive the office rent.

By leasing an executive space with just one office, you can be more accessible to clients and customers, have a prestigious zip code on your business cards, work closer to home, or for whatever reason be able to afford the space you want in an area you choose.

3. Lease terms may be more flexible

Because they're smaller and more affordable and therefore often much easier to rent out, landlords may allow more flexible executive leasing terms for executive offices. If you need a space for just three or six months while starting your business or establishing it in a remote location, you might be able to rent an executive space for that time, rather than being locked into a year-long lease or one that is even longer. Some executive spaces even rent out on a month-to-month basis, offering even more flexibility.


31 July 2015

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