Three Treatment Methods for Common Textile Pests


 The common textile pests in households include moths and carpet beetle species. They feed on keratin, which is found in clothing and other fabrics made from animal products. Keratin is a naturally-occurring protein found in wool, leather, silk material, bird feathers and even mohair. Textile pests are highly destructive because they will feed on upholstery, your clothes, the carpets and other fabric-based home products. If your home is infested, you will find evidence of the damage in the mentioned items. In addition, you will find evidence of pest activity in form of live and dead organisms, faecal matter and shed skin in your fabric storage spaces. You should engage a pest control professional for expert assistance. Here are the main textile pest treatment methods to consider using in your home.

Physical Removal

Physical removal of textile pests is a favourable treatment method for early infestations. This is an ideal choice because it does not require extra funds or chemicals which can lower the indoor air quality. The easiest way to physically eliminate the pest is through vacuuming and cleaning the affected materials. Generally, the moths and beetles will hide in the carpet and rugs, so you can clean out the living insects, eggs and dead material. This will disrupt the natural life cycle. In addition, vacuum the upholstered furniture, your pet's beddings and even the curtains. If the pests are in your stored clothes, wash them and clean out the cabinets and drawers before replacing them. If possible, seal them in plastic bags for long-term storage.

Heat Treatment

If the population of the textile pests is large, simple vacuuming will not make a significant difference. Heat pest control is a suitable method because it is highly effective, without the drawbacks associated with chemical treatment. The heat treatment is carried out by professionals with the right equipment. Generally, this type of machine is designed to deliver dry heat to the infested area. The temperature is sufficient enough to kill the pests without causing any damage to the fabrics. You should talk to your pest control expert about the availability of this solution.

Chemical Treatment

Chemical pest treatment is essential when the pest population is large and established in a wide area. The pesticides for textile pest elimination can be delivered as surface sprays, dusts or even space sprays. These are highly effective, but the chemicals should be used carefully to avoid negative repercussions. Ideally, you should engage a pest control firm, but you can also perform the treatment with commercial DIY kits.


13 October 2015

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