4 Response Actions You Can Consider During an Asbestos Exposure Emergency

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Some new facilities managers may not know what steps they can take in case asbestos containing materials (ACM) are damaged and there is a risk that building occupants may be exposed to those fibres. This article discusses four actions that you can include in your asbestos management plan so that you are prepared for any asbestos exposure emergency in the facility.

Operations and Maintenance Actions

Operations and maintenance (O&M) actions should be aimed at cleaning up any asbestos fibres that have been released from ACM. For example, you can have a contingency plan to vacuum the rooms where friable asbestos has been disturbed. The vacuum cleaners used should have HEPA (high efficiency particulate arrestance) filters so that all fibres are captured from carpets and other surfaces. This step is ideal if the asbestos disturbance occurred in an area that is frequented by building occupants, such as a hallway. O&M action steps can be a stopgap measure as further steps are planned to take more permanent action to stabilise or to remove the asbestos.

Repair Actions

Repair actions or procedures should be aimed at restoring the condition of damaged asbestos containing materials to a state where it no longer poses any danger to building occupants. For example, broken asbestos tiles can be patched so that their surface regains its pre-damage condition. Alternatively, you can plan to replace the damaged materials with those that are intact.


You can also make plans to enclose any ACM that poses an exposure threat to building occupants. The enclosure can be put in place physically or using a spray. For example, you can plan to wrap PVC around any pipes that were insulated using asbestos. This enclosure will form an impermeable airtight barrier that will prevent the release of asbestos fibres into the air within the building. This option is very good if the ACM is in a place that is not accessed frequently by building occupants, such as the attic.

Asbestos Removal

You may also include a plan to remove any asbestos containing material that is disturbed and releases fibres into the air. This option may be the most expensive because the environmental authorities in your area may have instituted laws that restrict asbestos abatement to certified professionals. You may choose this option if you plan to conduct major renovations on sections of the building that have ACM.

Adequate preparation is essential if you would like to limit the exposure of building occupants to asbestos fibres when an ACM is disturbed. Use the information above to develop an asbestos management plan so that you do not lose any time when the need to respond to asbestos disturbance arises.


8 March 2016

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