Locked Antique Steamer? Five Possible Solutions to Consider


If you've bought an old steamer trunk, it may have a lock. That can be frustrating, especially if it's engaged and you want to open the trunk. Luckily, there are a few options you can try. Take a look at these ideas:

1. Explore antique trunk replacement keys.

Your antique trunk may be rare now, but when it was first released, it may have been one of hundreds of trunks. If this is true, you are in luck, as it means your lock and its key was likely mass produced. Look over the lock for numbers or letters.

These numbers or letters typically indicate which type of lock you have, and the key that works in your lock should be marked with the corresponding code. You can buy antique trunk keys from specialist dealers.

2. Try a hollow-shank key.

If you cannot find a replacement key for your trunk, try ordering a hollow shank key. These keys can work in relatively simple, old locks. To use them, you may need to investigate the basics of picking a lock.

Essentially, you are going to want to slip the key in and listen for clicks indicating that the chamber is opening. To improve your chances, you will need to take the key out and possibly file down the end or bend bits of it to see if it works better. This is simply a matter of trial and error.

3. Contact a locksmith.

Locksmiths are trained to work with complicated issues like mechanical locks and rekeying cars, but they also understand the basics of simple locks. Contact a local locksmith and see if they will unlock your steamer and possibly even make you a new key. In some cases, you may need to hire an expert in antique locks.

4. Replace the lock.

In lieu of having a locksmith pick the lock for you or make you a new key, you could ask him or her to install a new lock. To do this, the locksmith will need to cut the existing lock out. Then, he or she will need to place a new lock in that spot.

5. Remove the lock.

If hiring a locksmith isn't in the budget, and you cannot get the lock open by any other means, consider cutting it out of the steamer. Ideally, you should cut around the lock in a circular pattern. Then, you will need to make a wood plug in the same shape you cut out, and finally, you can glue the plug in place. It won't look as neat as an antique lock, but it's a great way to salvage an old steamer if you cannot deal with the lock.


2 June 2016

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