Building a new home on a back block

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If you want to build a new home in the inner city, you often need to be quite flexible when looking for blocks. Often you'll end up needing to look at a back block simply because there isn't much new street frontage land available in the inner city. Here are some things to consider as you are looking at blocks and potential home designs. 


Back blocks can be an extra challenge when building as the builder may need to crane in supplies or use smaller trucks to navigate a narrow driveway. This can add to the cost of your build but may be unavoidable. It's worth spending some time with the builder discussing how they will access your site so that building does not get unduly delayed. Builders who are experienced in these sorts of builds often have materials management plans such as storing bricks in your garage to help make sure the process goes smoothly. 


Any building that builds in the backyard will need to consider the privacy of your neighbours, so even if you get a great view of the beach, if you have a large window in the living room, you may need to frost the windows if you can also see your neighbours backyard. The exact dimensions of the 'privacy cone' (allowed window dimensions) will vary slightly between councils, and experienced builders can often tweak existing designs to make sure that they comply with local regulations. 


Building on a back block means that you may be closer to the fences and your neighbours than you would like. Designs that are suited to these sorts of blocks often include features such as extra insulation to prevent noise from travelling and angling bedrooms away from the neighbours garages and other loud noise areas. You can also often use landscaping features such as water features and screen plants to create a more peaceful atmosphere that doesn't emphasise the lack of yard. Multi-use alfresco dining areas that can be integrated into the home design can be a cool way to make the most of a small yard. 

If you are looking to build a block on the back of an existing title, it's a good idea to use a builder who is experienced in these sorts of builds. They can help modify the design and building plan in order to efficiently build you a house that meets all your needs. 


13 June 2016

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