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Every landlord dreads the thought of tenants who don't pay rent and cause a nuisance in the home or for neighbours around them. Even if you or your property management company has employed the best screening technique, some tenants can turn into nightmares to deal with –– whether it is excessive drinking, loud noises or domestic violence. Follow this guide to manage tenants that turn into nightmares midway through your lease.

Review The Terms Of Your Lease

While your lease may be yearly or half yearly, there's always the chance that there are certain clauses in it about behavioural misconduct and criminal activities offering grounds for immediate tenancy termination. Be sure to review the terms of the lease, so that you can invoke the termination clause in the event of any untoward activities transpiring in your investment property. If the clause doesn't exist, you may need to consult on a legal course of action with your property management company to get your tenants out as soon as possible.

Offer Them A Way To Leave Quickly Without Any Penalties

Many tenants refuse to budge from their rentals because they imagine that a significant chunk of their security deposit will get cut. But your primary goal is to get these nightmarish clients out of your house as quickly as possible. As an incentive to get your tenants to leave, you may want to offer them their entire security deposit back or you can reduce any property damage penalties in the hopes that they will leave without any fuss. While you may suffer small monetary losses, getting rid of nightmarish tenants is far more valuable to your peace of mind. Of course, if the property damage is significant, then you may have to take legal action against them. Consult with your property manager regarding the best course of action in this case. 

Step In Calmly When Needed

If tenants are unable to behave in a respectable manner in your home, then mediation from you or your property management partner may be your only choice. For instance, if your tenant is constantly throwing late night parties despite repeated complaints from neighbours, then you will need to step in and deal with the situation. The important thing is to stay calm when explaining the consequences, so that you and your tenant can amicably arrive at a solution. If the tenants fails to oblige, then issue a stern warning and don't back down.

While you probably never want to be in this situation of dealing with difficult tenants, follow these strategies when working on your own or with your property management company to manage tenants that turn into nightmares midway through your lease.


5 July 2016

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