Property Investment | 3 Smart Tactics To Get More Savings Value From A Newly Built Home


Buying a home in Australia is bound to cost you a large sum of money with the median price standing tall at $658,608. With so much money at stake, you'll want to ensure that you make a good decision. If you're planning to invest in a newly built home as part of your property investment strategy, then smart tactics will help you get even more savings value from a newly-built home.

Ask About Buying The Inspection Home

Builders typically construct an inspection or model home to show buyers what they can expect from the new property. These homes have to be sold eventually too. Many buyers refrain from purchasing them under the mistaken assumption that they are used. While hundreds of people may have walked through the property, keep in mind that it is still new and a little cleaning with revitalise it immediately. The best part is that these inspection homes are usually much cheaper than new homes in the same building, so you're bound to save more money this way.

Buy The Home At The Start Of A Project

Any new construction is bound to take a few years, so you may have an advantage as an early-stage buyer. During the initial phases of construction of a complex, there's truck noise and dust to deal with, so many homebuyers prefer to buy the home once the entire project is complete. But builders need capital to move from one stage to the next, so they may offer lower prices to lure early-stage buyers. This is a good chance for you to get into the property investment sector without paying market value. Once the construction is complete, the houses are likely to be sold at a premium price — much more than what you paid for to get in early.

Ask For Additional Perks

Buying new properties can be challenging because builders aren't always willing to negotiate on price. But these builders may offer you certain interesting perks that make the property investment worthwhile. For instance, you can negotiate for luxurious stone benchtops instead of cheaper laminate without paying more. You can also negotiate for lighting upgrades like LED lights to be installed in the home. Builders don't want to bring down home prices because this gives leeway for others to negotiate on costs. But they may be prepared to offer you some additional perks if you ask for them.

If you're thinking of buying a newly constructed home as a property investment, consider these tactics to get more savings value.


16 August 2016

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